Original Jin Shin


'Original Jin Shin' is the book that was originally published in Holland and was very well received. It is the first book on this subject showing the practical application of Jin Shin techniques together with the philosophical background! Translations have been made into English and Spanish language.

cover Original Jin Shin
cover Living from Neutrality

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Living from Neutrality is probably one of the best books to understand the philosophy of non-dualism. It will profoundly add value to your understanding of Jin Shin.
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Read a reader's review:

'This is a very straightforward, no nonsense/common sense presentation of enlightenment, or liberation, presented here as "neutrality." It explains the nature of ego, suffering and explores away the notions of free will, non-violence, reincarnation, spiritual identity, meditation, "the meaning of life" and many other forms of bondage in a very concise, unpretentious and simple manner, leaving a possibility for "the understanding" to dawn of itself in the emptiness where these notions once were held true.
Highly recommended.....'
Mieke F.W. Berger Ph.D.