Original Jin Shin
Mieke F.W. Berger Ph.D.

'Original Jin Shin' cureweeks

With the exception of acute problems, typically Mieke F.W. Berger would apply Original Jin Shin during an intensive one week cure. It is her experience that this approach produces astonishing positive results in terms of physical and mental health improvement. The one week cure consists of 10 one hour treatments, each costing US $ 100,-.

Disharmony, pain and illness are all thought to be results of a disturbance occurring between various energies as they move through us. Original Jin Shin is the distillation and refinement of the total body of knowledge as handed down from ancient and proven healing artforms. Unlike some other healing arts, original Jin Shin is non-invasive and painless. The original Jin Shin practitioner seeks to chart the direction of energy-flow by 'listening' to 'pulses' and their corresponding 'Depths'. If these energies are found to be in disharmony with other energies or forces, the practitioner then seeks to harmonize this energy so Jin Shin cureweek at Nosara Beach that it can work in conjunction with the others. With all energies in harmony, healing is given a chance to happen, as is the proper function of the various organs.

Does not involve massage, manipulation of the muscles or the bones, nor the use of drugs or needles. It is done by placing the fingertips over clothing , on the various 'Safety Energy Lock' in order to restore and harmonize the flow of energy.

Brings balance to the body's energies allowing the body to function, feel beter and heal more quickly.

Mieke F.W. berger Ph.D. is a practitioner with over 40 years experience in nature cure, spiritual healing and has an excellent record of healing successes. She gained in-depth knowledge and experience in all parts of the world, including India, Japan, China, Philippines and the U.S.,

Those who have physical complaints or use chemical medicine and those who are in doubt about the necessity of an operation to take place can benefit from this 'healing'art. Also those who have physical complaints due to psychological problems or stress should seriously consider this rejuvenating and refreshing one week cure. It allows to regain vitality and joy in life.

Mieke will generally be available for sessions in Costa Rica during the month of April, from June thru August 15 and from 15 October thru 15 febr.Please make your reservation for your session in Costa Rica (Escazu or Nosara).

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