Original Jin Shin
Interviews/Int. Aloys
Mieke F.W. Berger Ph.D.

Original Jin Shin

An art of healing aiming to experience ones divine nature:

An interview with Mieke Berger by Aloys Baets

A Mieke working in Cyprusgood friend of mine, who was introduced to me by Maarten Houtman, a Zen Master in Holland, gave me the tape recordings from interviews on the radio by Freek Simon, (a Dutch program "Tros-perspectief") in the autumn of 1996. He talks to people who have a special outlook on life. One of the interviews in particular made a special impression on me, in the capacity of its contents as well as the voice quality and atmosphere. It concerned an interview with Mieke Berger. She talks about a healing art called Original Jin Shin during this "Tros" interview.
Original Jin Shin is an art of healing which harmonises the physical energy. This healing art is practiced hands-on. The origin of this technique, together with its philosophy, came from Japan. The Kojiki Documents of Old Things, which date back to 712AD, contain the basic principles of this art of healing. It was transferred by word of mouth for generations but fell into obscurity through the centuries. Master Jiro Portrait by Huib van Wersch Murai, a descendant from many generations of doctors, well read
and educated, became ill, and so much so that his situation became life threatening. Nobody was able to help him. Therefore he took it upon himself to digest all the wisdom and philosophy he had studied from the old books, and to try it out on himself. He had himself taken to a mountain and stayed several days to practice, that which he thought was meant by the writings, on himself. After eight days the family was going to see him again. After a very serious process he had fallen into a coma and awoke when the family came to see him. He was as healthy as could be!
After that he decided to work out exactly what had happened in practice to be able to translate this into a system to pass on to others. Mrs Mary Burmeister, a Japanese lady, was living in the United States with her parents. She was taken to Japan by her father in order to receive a traditional education. Jiro MuraiMaster Murai (see picture on the right) saw her and asked her father to allow him to educate her so that he could bestow on her a gift to take to the West. Only after thirty years of studying did Mary Burmeister start to apply this technique in a careful manner, and slowly passed it on to others. Mieke Berger was taught this method by Mary Burmeister and her close associates. I myself went to Mieke Berger to do a week long cure in the summer of 1997 and feel very enthusiastic about it. Somehow, right from the start I felt a very natural openness towards Mieke. That openness was crucial for me. In experiencing the energy, I had the feeling of being in a sauna during the sessions. Otherwise I haven't got a clue of what was happening then. I have been feeling much happier and more energetic ever since. That is fantastic! To give her work more acknowledgment to future interested people, I have asked her to help me with this interview, so that others will also be able to find the way to her. I also believe that Mieke Berger's work totally connects with that of Maarten Houtman. In case of true healing it merely is the case of reconnecting with the whole. This healing is not only a personal but also an impersonal process. Healing takes place via people but not at the hands of people.

Mieke, what do the words Original Jin Shin mean?

Original Jin Shin (Jyutsu) originates from Japan. Jin means man, Shin means God or Godlike nature and Jyutsu stands for art. Altogether this sentence gets the following meaning: The one who understands the art of getting to know his Godlike nature e.g.: truly relating or experiencing his Godlike nature. That is, Original Jin Shin is not a way of healing, but in fact a way of living. Because of this way of living, physical results appear, which of course are very pleasant. It is, however, not the complete nor most important part of the story.

How did you come in contact with this form of healing?

It is tempting to tell a long story about thirty years of intense studying of all sorts of alternative ways of healing, starting with acupuncture and via lots of deviations ending up with Original Jin Shin. It is more correct to say that it was by way of force that I came in contact with Original Jin Shin. Call it a coincidence or the path of the energy. This contact with Original Jin Shin couldn't have been different.

In earlier interviews [1] you mention energy, batteries, jumper cables and safety energy locks. It seems as if you are talking about electric's. How does Original Jin Shin work?

Energy, jumper cables and safety energy locks are all terms from our material world , which our physical body is a part of . That physical body is also a beautiful tool, a mechanism one can explain in technical (some mechanical) terms, just like any other instrument. This technical/mechanical explanation doesn't completely satisfy . To give an analogy: one can explain the function of a computer in a great amount by for example mentioning all its components it is made out off (a calculator, memory, motherboard, monitor etc.), what their functions are and how several components working together perform a task. Still, the computer can only really work if it can tap into electricity (energy). Without this energy the computer is a dead thing. This energy (electricity) is not visible; it is totally see-through. Nobody has ever been able to get to the bottom of what essence of this energy is. We can only derive her existence and functioning from the functioning of the computer (as in example). If we switch it on and it begins to work, we can then reasonably assume that it can tap into energy (electricity). Something similar is the case of our body. From the manifested energy, our body, that has a shape, a certain consistency of which we can form a picture, one can assume that also non-manifested (potential) energy exists. This non-manifested potential energy takes form (produces the body) and makes sure that the body can exist during sometime. Through the manifested (in this case the body) one can study the non-manifested. To avoid confusion from now on, we shall name the object of study, the non-manifested, 'energy'. One can say that energy operates via "energy laws". Knowledge and a way of practising these "laws" is in short what Original Jin Shin entails.

On what principle is Original Jin Shin based?

I can tell you the following on the basic principle of Original Jin Shin All that exists is consciousness. In our every day existence in duality (material-non-material), we cannot function without this non-manifested potential (life) energy, which is silent, invisible working in the background . Existence is the material side of life. Man confuses "living" with "being" and often forgets that his existence mainly depends on the quiet/still and invisible life energy. In Original Jin Shin man is once more made aware of that daily, minute by minute, present energy of life and of consciousness. Here we find the tangent plane with Advaita Vedanta , a philosophy with which I feel allied to.

You are now talking about the Advaita Vedanta, a philosophy of great meaning for you and you work. What is this Advaita Vedanta about?

I owe a lot to the many teachers, one of them being Wolter Keers (See picture on the right) who introduced me to this philosophy.The Advaita Vedanta is a philosophy from India that is described in the Veda's literature, Wolter Keersthe books of knowledge. The Advaita Vedanta has been recorded in the last book of the Veda's and dates from approximately 200 BC. The thought behind this philosophy is the existence of a totally enveloping unit, the source. Within the source one can distinguish (but not divide!) the non-manifested energy from the manifested energy, in other words the world of phenomenon. This world is a mental projection, in which objects like our own body are being projected. Because of the (unreal) identification with our bodies, we forget what we are:Sri nisargadatta Maharaj Do you have a specific way of diagnosing before starting a Original Jin Shin treatment? How do you do that?

Doctors diagnose. A Original Jin Shin practitioner doesn't diagnose. With Original Jin Shin you examine in what measure energy is allowed to flow to certain areas of the body. This predominantly happens through observing the body. You look at how someone moves and breathes, you listen to their voice and how they express themselves etc. Part of this observation is feeling the pulse. It is difficult to say something about this in a short sentence. It is an art in itself, which is really only possible to be developed after years of training people with a natural talent. There are several layers of energy detected during the listening of the pulses and so one can find out how the energy moves in cycles via the cells. Every period in life has certain developing areas in the body. Certain energies are "strengthened" to be able to understand various specific parts of life. To give an example: the first time one falls ill or gets hurt in life, it immediately is made clear that one hasn't got the freedom to do whatever one pleases to do. In this case the energy has the function of a break and a scar can be a sign of "weakness" in the energy supply.

You mention different levels of manifested energy and you also said that a lower level of energy cannot heal a higher level of energy. Can you explain this?

We do not know of higher and lower levels we only know of more and less manifested. For example "organ energy" is so dense that after some time millions and millions of cells will form an organ. If you work on that level you are working very locally. You could also work from the level of "primordeal energy". If you wish to call that of a hierchally higher order, I will not object to that. If this energy starts to flow, it will fan out like a pyramid towards the lower levels, where it manifests itself in many forms and not just as that one particular organ-energy.

I came to you with several complaints and ailments, one of which was symptomised by painful areas in the left side of the body as well as a case of serious asthma. How did you go about your work in my case?

Because this interview is open to the public I don't want to answer in too personal a way. Besides, it is quite difficult to comment afterwards, as the session is a dialogue of what is being offered there and then inclusive of all circumstances and specialities. Even though I am aware of the fact that by describing how to use paint with a brush, you still don't know how a real painting is made, I will still try to explain something of the method. I don't work with diseases (asthma is such a disease) but I do give the person with whom I share the session a chance to express themselves about it. Further more will I detect with the aid of the body as an instrument where the blocked energy zones can be found with the aim that I can then invite the energy to flow towards those zones. This flow can be tremendously strong. If the body and spirit would be open for all energy, that person would be free. This means that that person can accept everything that comes towards him. Such a person lives in surrender. We can now immediately see that the aim of Original Jin Shin is not only getting rid of physical ailments but a much greater aim is to come to surrender, acceptance and freedom as indicated in the Advaita Vedanta.

At a certain point during the cure I told you that I sometimes have an oppressed sensation in my stomach. Your answer was: "You have an energy leak in your stomach". What is such a leak and what are its consequences?

A 'leak' in the energy is not what is literally happening. It means in this case that the supplied energy hasn't been digested yet, and so partly 'unused' leaves the body. Think of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). These three Gods form the Hindu myths (the trinity) symbolising the creation: -build up (attract): Brahma -assimilate (linger):Vishnu -reject (eliminate): Shiva You can detect the same trinity within the energy household: the supply of energy, the assimilation process and the elimination. This can be compared to being born, living and dying. When during this process, in this case the assimilation process, something goes wrong, it effects the physical well-being. In this process the most important phase is to assimilate, to experience and to distance oneself again. We would say "we'd had enough" by then and can remain neutral and unidentified. We didn't resist when it came upon us (acceptance) nor resisted as it went (detachment).

During the treatment you touched a painful spot underneath my shoulder blades. That wasn't a muscle you said, but what was it?

Pain, as the way it is meant here, is a physical, tender pain. It is an aspect of the physical, already manifested energy, energy that has taken form. On the other side of the physical appearance is the energy present to make this physical manifestation possible. If in a certain part of the body there is insufficient flow of that energy there will appear a physical resistance in form of a painful nodule. So what feels like a painful muscle is not a muscle but a zone with a blocked energy supply. One can easily compare this pain to a muscular pain , but it isn't the muscle itself. You can easily determine the difference. On the painful spots there are quite often no muscles present. As soon as the energy supply passes through , the pain subsides. Some people can hardly believe that I am not pressing down on those zones, but merely placing my hands on top of the zone, that's how painful they are. Nor can they believe during the next session that I am touching that zone in the same way as before, because that zone has become nearly painless.

I thought it remarkable that during the very first treatment you started to bring in the energy via the pubic bone. This reminded me very much of the energy- circulation -exercise [2] according to Mantak Chia. What was the meaning of this?

The bringing in of energy isn't possible in Original Jin Shin. The only thing possible is being present in that zone and to invite the energy. Waiting for the energy and meeting it is the procedure. At the level of the coccyx is where unmanifested energy is being transformed into physical energy. Two different qualities of one energy.

Is there a particular connection between Mantak Chia and Original Jin Shin according to you ? It seems to me as if they both have a Taoist origin. Do you see it the same way?

In the end all manifestations come from the one and same consciousness and so can everything be traced back to one origin. I can however distinguish in the way different systems developed themselves from their origin. In connection to that, I have to state that other than Original Jin Shin I haven't come across any other system, which clearly places unmanifested potential energy and also really works with it.

During your interview with Freek Simon for Tros-radio you clearly state: "I do Nothing." You feel someone's pulse, judge the functioning of someone's organs, you put your hands on certain zones and you are present of course. Can you give and explanation?

In the Advaita Vedanta this is the biggest possible obstruction. Ramesh S. Balsekar (see picture) Ramesh S. Balsekar at his home in Bombaywho I happened to meet regularly, puts a lot of emphasis on this matter. People (egos) think they are autonomous operating creatures, who can decide, who can operate and who can do things (including "healing"). When I say that I am not doing anything, I mean that I am not the one who heals, but "healing" takes pace when it is supposed to happen (refer to Selfenquiry "Who Am I") [3], for which an instrument is needed. That speaks for itself. But it is not the instrument that performs, but the energy for which the instrument is susceptible. To be more clear of what I mean exactly, I suggest reading the book Living from Neutrality. [4].
In that it becomes very clear what is said here. In Original Jin Shin it comes down to fingers being placed on certain zones to enable the energy to come through. You could turn it around maybe. Because the energy has to flow in certain places, that same energy makes sure that certain fingers make certain zones accessible again. In that case I don't do anything (the energy does), nevertheless the accidental spectator thinks I am doing things.

Original Jin Shin is called an art. Why is that the case?

If Original Jin Shin would be a technique it would be possible everywhere and for everyone, who knows about it, to bring about good results. But just by mastering some painting techniques doesn't give you the guarantee to produce a true masterpiece, the same for Original Jin Shin. If it only is the case of hand techniques, an artwork will never appear. Brush strokes are subjected to the source from which the work of art is produced. The instrument can only function through contact with the source. As every work of art is unique so is every cure week a unique creation.

Does Original Jin Shin have anything to do with meditation? I am asking you this in connection to your remark in a Dutch magazine "Onkruid": "Because of that, many people do end up at a spiritual process, with which the problem, they wanted to tackle, is related".

Original Jin Shin does have something to do with meditation, namely that Original Jin Shin temporarily calms the instrument (body and spirit) and because of that, makes the body more accessible for energy. The aimed goal is identical: a position of surrender and freedom. It only uses a different way of getting there. And to achieve the goal of a position of surrender and freedom, there is a spiritual process. The case for someone who is receiving Original Jin Shin treatments is the same for someone who is meditating, even though the first motive for a Original Jin Shin receiver will probably come about due to a physical problem. Someone who meditates can receive a Original Jin Shin treatment without a problem.

Do you see any deeper meaning in all those pains, illnesses, diseases and dissatisfied situations of life that people bring along with them?

Of course, they are all misunderstood situations, which exist because we start making impersonal problems our very own and personal. All hatred and guilt, accusations etc. originate there. There will only come peace and surrender, when we are aware in life that we only watch situations , just like a movie, instead of geting involved in people who do offensive things. That is a whole process, which starts with a lot of pain and sadness. If that pain and sadness would have a function at all, it could only be as help and rememberance to make us awake to the state of continuous aceptance, a kind of 'bliss'. In connection with breathing you talk about manifested and unmanifested energy. Could you tell a bit more about this?

Breathing is a physical happening, during which we think to receive oxygen [5] or prana . We do not need to discuss prana: oxygen etc. is measurable. Physically seen are lungs supplied with a certain amount of oxygen during inhalation. This is only the case for the physical body. Exhalation is really the nourishment on a non-physical level. It is the energy charge- the invisible part of the energy- which we allow ourselves to receive. For this reason a lot of attention and value is paid to the exhalation in Original Jin Shin. The exhalation makes sure, that during inhalation an energy-transformation in the physical body can take place. We touch on this topic in greater detail in the self help course [6].

Whoever has done a cure with you receives exercises to practice by themselves. In my case-but with others too I think they are the total security exercises and the 36 exhalations. Why those in particular?

During a cure is sometimes discussed due to the "induction"- work, which 'exercises' one can do afterwards to let the commenced process continue. The kind of 'exercises' depend on the person and the moment. The example is the thirty-six exhalations. The aim of this application (energy transformation) has already been discussed in the previous question. It is a generally supportive 'exercise'. During the self help course a whole lot of specific exercises for specific situations are taught to apply by oneself.

What is the background of the people who come to see you for a cure-week? Are they of a certain type?

Those who wish to undergo a cure can originally have two different motives in the beginning. There is one group who primarily wants to clear up any physical complaints. Then there is another just as large a group of people, who want to get support in their search for who they really are. Typical questions are: "Who am I?", "What is the purpose of my existence?", "How do I get in touch with the source?". There is no other distinction (age, education, social background) that can be labelled.

Why did you chose a method whereby you have to see your client twice a day for five days?

This hasn't been a choice of mine. It speaks for itself that I follow the way Original Jin Shin is designed to be used by Mary Burmeister, who brought Original Jin Shin from Japan to the west. It seemed logical to follow her footsteps. She practises Original Jin Shin in this particular way for the reason that it has a certain energetic sequence. To use an analogy: 10 times 100 volt spread out over a year is not the same as 1 times 1000 volt.

You quickly make a deep contact with your clients. What is the secret?

The secret of making a deep contact with clients depends on my approach, whereby I don't force anything but merely offer people in their own time the possibility of an insight. For I just want them to recognise that we are all in the same boat and that we all have in common our deep wish, to get insight in the phenomenon we call life. With a feeling of having something in common like a struggle (or no struggle), a spontaneous contact and connection appears. This kind of contact is authentic and will be experienced as a very deep contact.

How is a cure when you and the client don't gel?

When it doesn't gel between a client and me, then there is either no contact or there is resistance. There are people who already know in advance not to come to me. These are usually people who manipulate with their emotions, something in which I don't want to get involved. Generally it takes years, from the time people have heard of me and my work, before they come and see me. Somewhere, they are afraid of learning to "observe" and to become independent. As if they can "smell" it, very odd. It doesn't affect me with what people come and see me, because I know that manipulating with emotions just is "a twisting of the me", in order to save the "me". Quite sad.

You have been working with Original Jin Shin for several years. What is the effect of a five day cure on the health of the patients and is it the same for all the miscellaneous clients?

Up until now there has hardly been anyone who claimed that the cure hasn't contributed to his/her happiness one way or another. Often the cause for the recovered happy feeling is due to something physical, the physical problem has either disappeared or the complaints have lessened considerably. We are talking about a wide range of complaints, varying from light physical discomforts to life threatening ailments. But more importantly, people have much more of an insight as to who they are, and answering questions towards their attitude of life. What this is concerned you can ask the question what is more important: being happy in an imperfect body or being unhappy in a perfect body? At present I am busy making the working of Original Jin Shin visible, with the aid of Kirlian-photographs [7] that are taken before and after a Original Jin Shin session. It is still a bit early for a conclusion, but the first results show that during the Original Jin Shin session there has been a tremendous supply of energy. In that case I dare affirm that Original Jin Shin does work and that it is possible to proof it objectively.

Could you describe a few cases of treated clients and their ailments?

It is tempting to mention many extraordinary cases. I am thinking for example about the 40 year old truck driver with lung cancer, who heard that after a Original Jin Shin treatment a mark on his lung had disappeared and that there was no reason for further treatment. Or the child who was taken into hospital because it had a fever of 39C (for weeks). No regular treatment was effective, as a last resource even the appendix was removed but had no result. After 20 minutes of Original Jin Shin the temperature came down to 37C, the child became interested in life again and wanted to watch television. The little boy was dismissed three days later because the temperature had remained normal. I can continue with a list long of successful stories, with the main thread of the story a doctor saying that in twenty years he has never experienced anything like it and consequently writes down that it is a case of spontaneous recovery. I will not do this however for we would lose the real message. Original Jin Shin is not in the first place (not even most importantly) a "healing" system for the body. It is of course fantastic when the body is healed. It is much more important for the client that an insight appears about the mystery we call life, together with acceptance and surrender. Honesty begs to say that a treatment on a physical level sometimes fails. I am now thinking of a lady with metastasis in her liver metastasis in her lungs and breast cancer who had treatments during the last weeks of her life. Still, the quality of her life was quite good up to the day she died and thus could she surrender to the inevitable. In this concept it is more important to die in peace than to live in misery. For this is Original Jin Shin effective also. To give an impression of the problems with which people come to me, I will give a brief account of people who have experienced Jin Shin - sessions. One needs to remind oneself that before people come and see me, it is often the case of a series of negative experiences; all regular and alternative ways of healing were performed without success.
Tremendous results were achieved in the following few cases:
-A boy with kidney problems, who was on the waiting list to have half of one of his kidneys removed. Now two years later there still is no need for an operation. The school teacher, who has no knowledge of the Original Jin Shin sessions, claims that the child's attention in school has improved tremendously.
-A woman of thirty with a lot of spiritual education. Her complaint being how to remain standing in a tough material world. With the aid of the Original Jin Shin sessions she has been able to bridge the gap between a spiritually focused life on the one hand and a daily , material existence on the other. She is balanced and much more in acceptance.
-A forty-five year old German lady with terrible complaints of having migraines for twenty five years. After a first session of Original Jin Shin was the follow up session canceled. Afterwards the reason became apparent. After that one session the migraine had disappeared for good.
-A twelve year old boy with bedwetting problems, who started to withdraw himself socially as a result of this. After three sessions the problems had dissolved. Half a year later there was a brief relapse. After several treatments the problem had dissolved for good.
Because I don't want to create the impression that everything can be resolved with just a few treatments, I am not going to expand this list much more. Just to give the reader an idea, I will summarize some of the types of complaints, people, who come to me, have:
-Back complaints (slipped disc, sciatica)
-Neck complaints
-Gynaecolical complaints ( menstruation, endometriosis, fibroids)
-Cancer (before, during, after and sometimes instead of chemotherapy)
-Autistic tendencies in children; restless children; children who have fearful dreams
-digestive disturbances
-digesting of traumatic experiences (death, divorce, termination of employment etc.)
-high bloodpressure
This list is easily expandable, but I think this is sufficient to give an idea of the range of complaints people come to me for.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers of this interview?Mary Burmeister

I would liketo wish everyone that what has happened to me. Due to and thanks to Original Jin Shin and my master Mary Burmeister (see picture on the right) in particular, I was enabled to make contact with the energy in this way resulting in surrender and acceptance of what is. Of course there are many paths that lead to the one (I Am). Original Jin Shin is such a way, that suites me perfectly together with many others. If I am allowed to function as the instrument, it can only add to my contentment and fulfillment.

'When you seperate the manifest from the
un-manifest, disease is created', says Mary
Burmeister, Master of Jin Shin.


[1] In these interviews Mieke used as an example an empty battery (patient), who is connected up by jumper cables(the hands of the healer) to a well functioning battery(the healer) and is being charged in this way. In Original Jin Shin one speaks of several "safety energy locks": these are zones that can close themselves toward the flow of energy. Hands are being put on these "safety energy locks", through which that particular zone is made more accessible to pass energy through.

[2] According to the ancient Chinese, our body and spirit formed from a coagulation of energysystems. There are fields of energy and there are paths of energy(the well known meridians). Typical of energy is its flow. The energy circulation exercises are concerned with becoming aware of those flows of energy. See Mantak Chia, Awaken healing energy through the Tao, Aurora Press.

[3] Sri Ramana Maharshi: Who Am I, Tiruvannamalai.

[4] J. Kramer Schippers, living from Neutrality

[5] To make it less complicated I have left the other part of the inhaled air out of it. Prana is the energy of life.

[6] Those who have received a cure from Mieke Berger, can participate in a Advaita Vedanta inspired Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help course to learn how to apply Original Jin Shin to oneself.

[7] There are two Kirlain photographes in Mieke's newsletter of the autumn of 1997: One was taken of fingertips before the session and one afterwards. The difference is remarkable. Before the cure, the corona around the fingertip is narrow and shows many voids. After the cure the corona is much wider and the voids have disappeared .