Original Jin Shin
Original jin shin

Original Jin Shin

Translated literally, Jin Shin Jyutsu © means: man (Jin), creator (Shin) and art (Jyutsu). When we combine these words we see something like the following concept emerging:

'Living life becomes art, when the phenomenon we call man realises he just appears to be an object in the phenomenal world, whereas in fact he is the Original Source, the Divine.'

It is a beautiful description for the ancient Japanese tradition, with its main aim of helping man to heal himself. This occurs by practicing the art of re-establishing and renewing the contact with the source from which he originates.

To put it in a better way: man is healed when he becomes aware of the timeless source, which he actually is in its profoundest essence. Healing is restoring contact with the source. All forms of suffering originate from man forgetting that he is connected to that source. This applies not only with regard to physical suffering, but also emotional and mental suffering.

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Mieke F.W. Berger Ph.D.