Original Jin Shin
Mieke F.W. Berger Ph.D.

Original Jin Shin Cureweeks

Astonishing as it may sound, Jin Mieke in Ankor Wat, CambodjaShin is a panacea in its own right. Many cases are known where spontaneous and sudden remission of pain, disharmoy or illness occurs. What energy source is at work in these cases and why can't simple remission be called upon whenever needed? Disharmony, pain and illness are all thought to be results of a disturbance occuring between various energies as they move through us.

When applying Jin Shin one seeks to harmonize energies so that they can work in conjunction with each other. With all energies in harmony, healing is given a chance to happen, as is the proper functioning of the various organs. This 'healing art' is non-invasive and painless and does not involve massage, manipulation of muscles or bones, nor the use of drugs or needles. It is done by placing fingertips over clothing on specific energy centers and brings balance to the body's energies allowing the body to function, feel better and heal dramatically faster.

Treatments are specially recommendable to those who have physical complaints or use chemical medicin, or who are in doubt about the necessity of an operation to take place. Also those who have physical complaints due to psychological problems or stress should seriously consider to experience this rejuvenating and refreshing treatments, that will also aid to the clarification of the meaning of life etc.

Have a look at the difference in appearance of the lady that had a one week Original Jin Shin cure in Switzerland. Photo on the left taken at the start of the cureweek. Photo on the right was taken at the end. Note the difference in vitality and energy levels.....

photo at start of the cureweek

Portraits made by Andrea Di Prima

photo at end of the cureweek
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